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January 12 | 2021

Lead Free MS is excited to announce the launch of our Healthy Housing Policy Project! We are working with several communities throughout the state to build awareness of the health impacts of housing quality and address needs for community engagement, education, municipal planning, workforce training, fundraising, and code enforcement to reduce hazards in housing that impact community health. Throughout the year we will add information about this project to the website, including new resources, and outcomes of our work. If you would like to learn more about the project please contact us at leadfreems@gmail.com

October 14 | 2020

Are you ready for National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week? Be sure to follow @leadfreems on Twitter and Instagram so you can get information about lead poisoning prevention out in your community during NLPPW October 25-31. Please use this Social Media Calendar and sample proclamation so your community can recognize NLPPW through outreach and please email clee@ghhi.org if you need any additional information.

September 29 | 2020


The month of October is nearly here, which means National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is just around the corner! To learn more about #NLPPW2020 visit the CDC campaign website, which has campaign resources, social media content and much more!

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