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October 14 | 2020

Are you ready for National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week? Be sure to follow @leadfreems on Twitter and Instagram so you can get information about lead poisoning prevention out in your community during NLPPW October 25-31. Please use this Social Media Calendar and sample proclamation so your community can recognize NLPPW through outreach and please email clee@ghhi.org if you need any additional information.

September 29 | 2020


The month of October is nearly here, which means National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is just around the corner! To learn more about #NLPPW2020 visit the CDC campaign website, which has campaign resources, social media content and much more!

August 31 | 2020

Thanks to all of our partners around the state who joined the Mississippi Lead & Healthy Homes Virtual Training Series! In case you missed the sessions you can watch recordings for each session of the Series: Healthy Homes 101: Part 1 | Healthy Homes 101: Part 2 | Pathways to Lead Poisoning Prevention

July 29 | 2020

You are invited to join the Mississippi Pathways to Lead Poisoning Prevention webinar on Thursday, August 6th at 10:00am CT. In this session panelist Catherine Lee, GHHI's Senior Site Engagement Specialist, will discuss lead poisoning prevention efforts in the state, and discuss how healthcare, early childcare providers, housing program administrators, local government services, and others can work collaboratively to reduce the threat of lead poisoning in Mississippi communities.

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