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New in 2022

Lead Free Mississippi is proud to share the new Mississippi Renters Guide to Healthy and Safe Housing, a resource developed by the MS Lead Poisoning Prevention and Healthy Housing Advisory Board to support renters seeking information about housing health and safety. The guide includes:

  1. Standards for health and safety of existing housing units.

  2. Guidance on common health hazards in housing and how they can be identified.

  3. A checklist to support visual inspections of rental units.

  4. Guidance for reviews of lease agreements to support resident health and safety.

  5. Reference materials related to rental property regulations established through applicable local, state, and federal laws and programs.

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative has also developed the 2022 Housing & Environmental Health Annual Surveillance Report to build awareness of the presence of environmental health hazards in the state’s housing stock, including lead-based paint and other sources of lead exposure, asthma triggers, causes of injury, and other common conditions known to be unhealthy and unsafe.

MS Renters Guide Cover.png

More About this Project

The 2021 Mississippi Healthy Housing Policy Project Report is available to support policy engagement for healthier housing in the state. You can download the full report as well as factsheets from the report on Common Barriers to Healthy Housing and Policy Recommendations for Healthier Housing.

Lead Free Mississippi works with communities throughout the state to implement the Healthy Housing Policy Project. People and organizations engaged in this work are leading community engagement, education, municipal planning, workforce training, fundraising, and related projects designed to reduce hazards in housing that impact health.

To learn more about ongoing engagement opportunities, please email clee@ghhi.orgPlease review our Project Brief and Introduction Presentation.

Do you have questions about how healthy housing standards are currently enforced in Mississippi? Check out topic briefs to help answer questions about housing regulations related to Homeowners and Renters.

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